Our mission

We are here to provide reliable, useful guidance about user experience, user interface, and design.

Our biggest mission is to create the best-in-class user experience blog. Idesignforhumanity is the place where you can find practical articles and tips relating to UX/UI and design not only for beginners but also experienced UX researchers. Ultimate career guides are also found on our website to help you get into the job.

Who is Idesignforhumanity

We are a dedicated team of experienced user experience, user interface researchers and designers. Idesignforhumanity is started as a hobby when Justin, our team leader, arose his ideas about website usability testing for his assignment at university. Since then, Idesignforhumanity became a place for all topics related to user experience.

That’s it. Hope you all have a great time on our site. If you have any questions relating to Idesignforhumanity, feel free to contact us.