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Top 8 UI designer interview questions you’ll be asked

Interviews might be nervous, not for everyone but at least for those who participate in an interview for the first job as a junior UI designer. To help you fully prepare for your upcoming interviews for a UI designer position, Idesignforhumanity has collected the top 5 UI interview questions and give recommended answers to those questions.

We also suggest 3 questions you may want to ask interviewers, which help you understand more about the position you’re applying for. Hope it will help you deal with questions that you don’t have the knowledge or previous background?

Top 5 junior UI designers interview questions

  1. Why did you decide to become a UI designer?

This is probably one of the first questions you will be asked in your interview, especially if you are applying for a junior position. Do you have any background before deciding to immerse yourself in this fast-growing field?

This is the question where you can show your passion for UI. But remember to tell a story related to UI, not your life story or anything irrelevant. You can link back to your background if you majored in UI or any role that makes you inspired to work as a UI designer.

  1. Describe a recent UI project you have worked on

It’s always essential to prepare a detailed portfolio of previous UI projects you did. You can pick the most successful project among those. But ideally, the best example will be the one relevant to the niche the company’s working on or the position you’re applying for. 

You can tell about your idea-forming process. Don’t forget to mention what crucial skills you have learned through the project. It’s also a great chance to show your strengths and how you made that project successful. 

The five “W” words: who, when, why, what, and how will be a “lifeline” in case you freeze up.

  1. What is your design process?

Different UI designers have their own design process, and it’s okay yours is not the same as others. You can explain why you decide to create a sidebar with a certain shape, color, or font size. 

However, nothing is accidental, and your design process should also follow some standard steps, such as user research, user testing, usability, etc. 

An example of user interface design process.
  1. How do you keep pace with design trends?

This question seems to be “comfortable”. But actually, the interviewers might want to see if you have any commitment to this industry. 

You can talk about some UI design websites, blogs, or articles you read most to get inspiration and grasp trendy designs. Name some UI designers, as your “idol”, who are shaping or creating trends in the industry.

  1. Why do you want to join us, not other companies?

Prior to the interview, it’s always necessary to thoroughly research the company’s website, media, forum, etc. You have to understand its mission, working environment, etc. It would be better to show interviewers your passion for this role, explain how you can use your knowledge or experience to do the job and grow up together.

Three most important questions you should ask the interviewers

In an interview of any role, the interviewer(s) always ask interviewees if they have any questions for them or not. Here are 3 questions you can ask them to show your interest in the position you’re applying for.

  • What is the organizational structure of the company and department that I’m involved in?
  • What is the design process of the company?
  • Who will I report to and how will I be evaluated?

Top 3 senior UI designer interview questions

  1. What is a failure, in your opinion, of a newly launched product?

This is one of the most common senior UI designer interview questions. There are lots of examples of a bad website or app. Since you are experienced, you can easily deal with this question. The more details you pay attention to, the more opportunities you will have a chance to impress interviewers. 

  1. How do you support the usability in your company?

People usually talk about UX design when it comes to usability. However, as a UI designer, you should also advocate for it. You can start by telling about your process of creating user personas. You can also talk about how you encourage your organization to connect more with users. 

  1. Tell me your approach method to redesign our app or website

Although this seems to be a relatively unapproachable question, it is an opportunity for you to show your thorough research of the company. The interviewers can also access your true value to their organization. 

You should browse through the company’s website or app. Then spend some time investigating aspects needed improvement. Lastly, make a detailed plan of how to fix the problem. 

All things considered, one of the most important keys to a successful interview is researching the company and the position. Prepare a detailed portfolio, show your passion for and commitment to the job, your opportunity to get the job will be higher.

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