Best Gifts for Graphic Designers

Top 7 best gifts for graphic designers

Graphic designers are those who use digital and updated tools to produce creative products. Their gadgets are usually high-tech to make their work smoother and more straightforward. Therefore, if you’re looking for gifts for graphic designers, try to understand their profession first. That way, you will pick the right gift for them.

In this article, we have sorted out some cool gifts for graphic designers. We think that they will love it because we are graphic designers ourselves. But different people have their own interests. So the list below will give you some ideas to pick the most suitable gift for your beloved graphic designer.

Gift ideas for graphic designers 

  1. Rocket Smart Reusable Notebook Set

Graphic designers have to work on their computers all the time. So, it’s time to give them something paper-related to protect their eyes from screens. And reusable papers will be a great alternative. 

The smart reusable notebook set includes 2 notebooks of different sizes, 2 compatible pens, and 2 microfiber cloths. They can use the pen to make any design on the paper. Then scan it, using the Rocketbook app to store their design on cloud services. Once finishing this step, they can use a damp cloth to wipe off the paper. They can use the same page over and over again.

This is none of the smartest and most eco-friendly gifts for designers. Consider adding it to the gift list. 

Rocket Smart Reusable Notebook Set for Graphic Designers
Rocket Smart Reusable Notebook Set for Graphic Designers.
  1. T-shirt

A well-designed t-shirt is an indispensable item in the list of birthday gifts for graphic designers. It couldn’t be more interesting than giving our graphic designers a custom t-shirt.

Unlike web designers, graphic designers probably require more creativity to produce breakthrough ideas and products. It’s possible that they created images or quotes on t-shirts. This gift will absolutely surprise them. 

Especially when designers have to work on their screens for a long time to meet deadlines, cool Hawaiian shirts for men with high-quality, lightweight material brings comfort. Moreover, it will stimulate their creativity to serve their job.

Cool Hawaiian shirts inspire graphic designers to produce creative products
Cool Hawaiian shirts inspire graphic designers to produce creative products.
  1. TIMBUK2 Authority Laptop Backpack

You may all know that graphic designers have to bring lots of things whenever they go out, from laptops, tablets, pens, chargers, and a variety of items. Therefore, a backpack will be a thoughtful gift for them. 

The TIMBUK2 Authority Laptop Backpack is particularly made for keeping things organized. It consists of different compartments for the laptop and other small stuff. Moreover, its design can minimize the bulkiness as in other laptop bags.


Compact laptop backpack for graphic designers
Compact laptop backpack for graphic designers.
  1. Computer Monitor Stand Riser

If a backpack keeps designers’ gear organized, a computer monitor stand riser will make their home workspace tidy. There are various slots on this stand, including spaces for desktop, iPad, smartphone, coffee mug, and other accessories.

Moreover, they can use this stand to add additional space on the main desk, giving airy space to boost their creativity. 

Computer Monitor Stand Riser for graphic Designers
Computer Monitor Stand Riser for Graphic Designers.
  1. Coffee Mug

Like t-shirts, a custom mug for graphic designers will be a meaningful gift. A quote customized only for them makes them feel that you really care for them, for their work.

You know that graphic designers have to pull an all-nighter to meet deadlines. Therefore, a cup of coffee will keep them perked up throughout the day and night.

A coffee mug with a custom quote for graphic designers
A coffee mug with a custom quote for graphic designers.
  1. Portable Charger

If your graphic designer friends usually go out or go for business trips, a portable charger will prevent their work from being interrupted due to out of battery. You can choose a wireless charger to reduce items needed to carry.

Consider models with high battery backup and the ability to charge two or multiple devices all at once. It will definitely be one of the best practical graphic designer gifts.

A portable charger for graphic designers
A portable charger will be a great gift for graphic designers.
  1. Wacom Pen

A Wacom pen is one of the greatest gifts for artistic girls or any designers. It will be a perfect tool for them to “draw their creativity” and make them a masterpiece. These digital pens are battery-free and cordless, making it easy to bring and design.

A Wacom pen for graphic designers
A Wacom pen – an fantastic gift for graphic designers and artistic girls.

Buying tips

Design trends are constantly changing; therefore, graphic designers need updated items. So, if possible, it’s best to give them digital gifts such as reusable notebooks, Wacom pens, etc. 

However, you also have to consider your budget. The best gifts are not always the expensive ones, but the ones that show your love and care for your beloved graphic designers. 

You can also make your gift unique and personalized. It is better to give them presents that are easily customizable such as t-shirts, cups, or mugs. If you want to give them digital gadgets, you can wrap it in a nice piece of paper by yourself. An additional gift card with your handwriting inside will make the gift more meaningful. 

Wrap up

Christmas is around the corner. So, all the above suggestions can be great Christmas gifts for graphic designers. No matter which gift you go for, choose one from your heart, make their day a special one. 

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