Web designer interview questions

Essential web designer interview questions

Are you looking for a new web designer position or preparing for an upcoming interview, but still have no idea of what to say or not to say? Don’t worry because we’ve prepared some of the most common questions about web designer interview questions and answers and explained why interviewers might ask those.  

Most common questions for web designers during the interview

  1. What drew you to become a web designer?

This is one of the most common web designer interview questions. However, many of you can’t handle this well.

How you answer this question will let the interviewer know if you really want to work as a web designer. You can tell a story about how you discovered your passion for web design, how you started your first project in the field, or even just a list of reasons why you decided to become a web designer. 

Also, try to make everything clear and relevant. You should also avoid mentioning something superficial or related to money.

  1. Tell me about a recent web design project you have worked on

When asking this question, the interviewers might be interested in your project type. Probably they want to see if what you’re doing is relevant to the position and if you could fit into the company. 

You can tell about your main responsibility in the project, the achievements, and how you make it successful. And don’t forget to mention what you have learned from that project.

3. How do you explain your web designs with web developers, clients, or other stakeholders?

This question is widely asked to test your communication skills. Although you work on your computer most of the time, you still need to interpret your ideas or designs to web developers.

Besides, those who have less familiarity with this field will need to understand why you do that. The way you answer this question also reflects how you communicate with them. The tip here is practicing it in front of a mirror to ensure fluent speaking

4. What tools do you use most to design a web?

This is one of the most popular web design interview questions. There are lots of tools for designing a web or application. Some companies want to know if you are familiar with popular tools or not. It’s okay that you don’t know all the available tools. You can start by discussing the most common tools, such as Photoshop, Mockplus, Sketch, etc. 

The point is showing them that you are always open to learn any helpful tools to complete and contribute to the job. 

Web design tools and software you use most.

5. What do you do to reduce a page’s loading time?

This is a technical question to test your troubleshooting skills in a real web design case. Therefore, you can take advantage of this opportunity to impress interviewers. 

There are various ways to cut down a website’s loading time, such as eliminating unnecessary and irrelevant components, compressing images before uploading, etc. Ideally, use an example in your real-life project. 

6. What are some terrible examples of a responsive web design?

Don’t be too worried about such questions. Just tell what you think examples that make a web sluggish. You can mention your experience in which you turned a bad page into a more responsive one, and tell them detailed samples. 

For instance, muddled layout with flashing images or jumbled fonts, etc. These tend to reduce readability and time-on-site rate. 

7. Tell me about a time when you received negative feedback from clients. How did you handle that?

The purpose of this question is to know your problem-solving skill. Give the interviewers the most truthful answer. Explain why the client didn’t feel satisfied with your design, what you felt about his/her suggestions, why you used this button instead of others, what the final compromission was, etc. 

8. How do you integrate current web design trends into your projects?

This question tests your love for web design, whether or not you update trends to make your product more up-to-the-minute, whether or not you are willing to update your skills. 

Hence, the best way to deal with this question is to look for and filter most web design trend articles, blogs, etc. Then choose one or some hot topics then present your own opinion about them. Ideally, pair them with your real project or any other good examples. 

How a web designer apply web design trends into his/her work.

What questions should a web designer ask after the interview?

Besides interview questions for designers, interviewers always ask if you have any questions for them. It’s best to ask forward-thinking questions. For example, if the company tends to implement new technologies or design tools for upcoming projects, what your role is in those projects, or any questions related to your responsibilities as a web designer, etc. 

Final thoughts

No matter what position you apply for, junior or senior, good preparation will increase your chance of getting the job. Read through all the above responsive web design interview questions and answers, review your knowledge, and be confident are the key to a successful interview. 

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